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Sacred Places

Ongoing Projects

What are Sacred Places? They are places that are so special they fill us with an awe.

We revere them, delight in the divine of them. This photo collection (credits: Bede Brennan, Raffe Brennan, Bridget O'Brien & Charlie Brennan) shows experiences of wild moors of Devon, amazing gardens and landscapes, Old Churches and Yews in their grounds, Ancient rainforest trees, streams, waterfalls.


Sometimes, this can almost be any place where there is life. Groves of trees, mountains, rivers, Ancient Oaks. An indoor plant, a bonsai or flower arrangement. Most of all places, ceremonies and rituals dedicated to coming close with all life - its intelligence, strength and dreaming. Ceremonies and celebrations of life and death, of humans place in the 'symphony of life' (Hogan..). Sacredness of the human and the more-than-human, of meetings and edges.

Sacred Places is the trading name of our company 'Meeth PL' that contracts to organisations to deliver sustainability projects especially those that relating to land, landscapes, places and people, skills and relationships.

The spirit of life is so wonderful.

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