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Charlie has worked in education and training throughout his career. This includes with adults, youths and children, formal and informal, individual and group, practical, vocational and academic/ theoretical, as well as Indigenous and multi-cultural learning.

Topics have ranged from gardening, landscape and conservation, practical trade skills, Permaculture, communications, learning skills as well as ethics and social sciences at undergraduate and masters levels. (For more information see my CV).  ‘Seeing and feeling the spark of learning is one of my greatest joys in life’.

For the last five years Charlie has teamed up with Bridget O'Brien facilitating cutting edge workshops and courses. As Garden Juju Collective we are learning, adapting and incorporating continuously. These workshops are rooted in years of professional projects, research and teaching, community communications and critical reflection upon all these.

Our workshop offerings are an integral part of emerging global responses to the incredibly challenging world we find ourselves in. We draw together social ecology, environmental education, conservation, gardening, Permaculture design, rewilding, horticulture, sustainability practises and ecopsychology and Indigenous Land Management.

Each workshop is based around a particular theme, approach, challenge or opportunity. Each combines practical insights and skills, inspirational ideas, authors, guests, text and/ or films, practical exercises, field trips, embodied immersion, active education and reflective practice. These are facilitated in a range of formats from interactive lecture, to workshops of varying length, to retreats. Each participant leaves with a personal plan of action - what to do next in these times.

Charlie and Bridget are passionate experienced practitioners and educators. They believe that skills and practices and ideas and values are inextricably inter-folded.

Fully aware of the difficult times we live in, Bridget and Charlie teach to challenge, inspire, empower, connect and to share joy.

See the photo gallery below for a collection of our previous workshop posters.

So many thanks to Bede Brennan for most of the poster designs.

Previous Workshop Posters

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