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Living Land,

Culture & Language

2013 - 16

Someone said ‘you don’t know how extraordinary this is’.

I said, "‘Yes I do’.

Local Gumbaynggirr Community supported to express living land
language and culture - on a busy Saturday just before Christmas and the middle of town – as if it was something done everyday. A great crew of people help this come about supported by Great Eastern Ranges Initiative, Jaliigirr Biodiversity Alliance,
Bellingen Sustainability Centre and the Centre for Ecological Learning.

The rain stops, the sun comes out, the Koel sings.

Hundreds of people delight in Elder-centred gathering
food, dance, song and language. Healing this place.


A ‘Cultural Connections’ project working with Gumbaynggirr (Aboriginal) Community as part of ‘Gliderways’ project with Foundation for National Parks


We acknowledge Gumbaynggirr Culture, Country, Language and Elders past, present and future. 

Gumbaynggirr Living Land Language & Culture Report

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