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Adapt Design Game


‘This game will give you the power and possibility to change your life! It changed mine. I’ve spent years developing this game because I whole- heartedly believe in it. It is absolutely our right and responsibility to live exciting, full and creative lives - by design.’ ~ Bridget O’Brien 



‘Every now and then something emerges that has genius in it. I often observe people playing Adapt. It never stops surprising me, the sparks of insight, the energy of inspiration, that look of determination when a person suddenly understands how they can really change their lives and the lives of those around them, so much for the better.’ ~ Charlie Brennan PhD

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‘Adapt’ is a design game that can be applied to anything and everything. There are 60 cards in 6 sets entitled ‘Awareness’, ‘Context’, ‘Ideas’, ‘Implement’, ‘Evaluate’ and ‘Emergence’. Game participants identify a life-challenge and are guided through rounds of questions, brainstorming, and responses. This design process can be applied to any aspect of life - anything from the design of a garden, to transportation, a business idea, a way of caring for community or one’s self. Participants systematically and playfully explore all aspects of their proposed design. 


‘Adapt’ game sparks creativity, imagination and potential. As one of the contributors to the evolution of Adapt said, the genius of this game is not so much in this writing and theorizing on this subject, but in the genius of the actual game play! Challenging and unexpected questions arise and often new practical solutions or arrangements found. Most fundamentally, ‘Adapt’ is the engaging tool that helps individuals and groups people, in all kinds of circumstances, design their next best steps in life. Hacking habits, pro-actively creating, doing…

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