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Graft Living 

2021 - Present

Our brief is to support the vision of this community garden and food forest come to fruition. A dynamic and resourceful community with big hearts and vision. All set in vibrant and diverse Detroit – a place almost like no other of richness, resilience and vulnerability.

We’re so excited to be asked to contribute to this – one of the many community gardens in Detroit. We are supporting the community design process. Hearing the ideas of members of the community garden and evaluating the site. Suggesting ways of clarifying, grounding, resolving and supporting the emerging garden design.

We are guided by an ethos of listening and reflecting back. We hear these questions – What grows where? How can existing skills be expanded through the community? How can funding be attracted to this vital project…

To date the garden and garden community is continuing to grow, as do the plants with perennial and annual foods being harvested. The work of growing food and community is expanding beyond this space with new gardens being cultivated at other local sites.

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