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Charlie Brennan Blog..

Welcome to this blog!

Why write a 'blog'? I asked myself? We asked ourselves. There are, already, so many articles, sources of information and so many opinions - around us, being pushed on us, being targeted at us even...It's 'semiotic pollution', somehow, simultaneously both overwhelming and deeply underwhelming. 


These are the strangest of times. The Coronavirus and all that has come with it has rendered much of our lives increasingly uncertain and precarious. They already were but now it's crystal clear. This time of multiple damages and harms is also a time for fermenting explorations and new ideas. It's a time of testing values and practices. When options become reduced, we ask ourselves what really are our core values? What relationships are most important to us? What do we most want to create, protect, stand for and with?


What do we want to put vision, intention, energy, courage and care into? What do we most desire? To be in service of....?

In this blog we will acknowledge all the people around the world working on fantastic projects - conserving, sustaining, regenerating and healing people, communities and ecologies. This global network is the most intelligent, dedicated, connected and important group of people that has ever existed! 

We will describe and explore projects, conversations, books, situations, solution, quandaries. It will share, convey, critique, inspire in away that is quick and reflexive. Expect passion, intelligence, realism and creativity..

Charlie Brennan, Bridget O'Brien & team.    September 2020 (What a weird time...)

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