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Taking Permaculture to the Edge

For nearly 40 years we have been inspired by permaculture. It’s time to look at where we have come from and to the future of permaculture. What have we learnt? What ideas, information and science have emerged? How has the world changed?

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Making Sense of Place

Sense of place is very high on scale of human needs and is bound with identity and feelingsabout belonging in the world. Many people in the world feel displaced or have had their relationship to the places they grew up in, or to nature in general, disrupted. The workshop will support you to make sense of your sense of place in this changing world.


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 Healing Land, Healing Self

Next workshop is 18th March 2018 10a-4p in Mullumbimby NSW Australia Register at Eventbrite

We live in a world in which so many places, landscapes, ecologies have been disrespected, degraded and damaged. Similarly, so many people, as individuals and collectively are hurting, lost, addicted and/or unhappy. The good news is that people and planet can co-heal.

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Sustainability Elders

There is a theory that it takes 10,000 hours, or 10 years to become really good at something! There are many people in our community who have dedicated literally decades of their lives to sustainability in its various forms. Such ‘Sustainability Elders’ are generally patient, imaginative, innovative, resilient, flexible and often quietly focused. They are community leaders who over the years have become the ‘change you want to see in the world’.


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 Exploring Sensual Landscapes

This workshop explores our sensual relations with landscapes, places, trees, flowers and everything. Our “environment’ is unconsciously inclined to be abstract, disembodied and about something ‘out there’ and our relating with the living world often de-sensualised and de-sexualised. This workshop explores the intimate ways of relating to our complex feeling sensual world.

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Gumbaynggirr Living Land, Language & Culture

Following on from last year’s hugely successful inaugural day, Charlie will again be supporting the 2016 Gumbaynggirr Living Land, Language and Culture event. Building on last year, there will be: Welcome to Country, Elders’ stories, Gumbaynggirr language, traditional dancing, singing, art and more!



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LAND STEWARDING: Owner, renter, nomad


NOURISHING EDGES: The joys of modern gleaning, gardening & foraging




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