For nearly 40 years we have been inspired by Permaculture. It’s time to look at where we have come from and to the future of Permaculture. What have we learnt? What ideas, information & science have emerged? How has the world changed?

This course is aimed at experienced Permaculturalists and trainers but is inclusive of beginners. Materials, texts and flash drives supplied.

Having been involved in Permaculture for more than 30 years, Charlie wants to challenge himself and course participants to take a fresh look at Permaculture – inspirations, practical solutions, local and global applications.

In addition to basic Permaculture theory, such as site analysis, design and edible landscapes, course participants will also explore future trends, off grid living, sustainable architecture, social enterprise and cooperatives, food sovereignty, health & healing, weeds & medicinal plants, ecopsychology and spirituality. Participants will also meet and learn from local Elders and special guests.

The next scheduled course is in the beautiful Bellinger Valley and you will learn in an established Permaculture garden and at the new Bellingen Sustainability Centre. The week will be a big opportunity for local Permaculture folk to meet and share learnings with each other – social networking opportunities will be included.

Charlie is also able to deliver this course anywhere in Australia . . . or the world!