How do we put sustainability ideas and inspirations into practice? How do show respect and bring the land alive? How do we enjoy healthily inhabiting the places we live in?

Contact Dr Charlie Brennan and his team for innovative solutions
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Landscape & Permaculture Design

Charlie brings 30 years of continuous experience in design and implementation of Landscape design, Permaculture design, Landscape construction, Landcare project management.  Along side this, he is a lecturer and researcher in the fields of sustainability, conservation, Sense of Place, and social inclusion. 

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Charlie runs a wide variety of courses all over Australia – ranging  from eco-psychology to permaculture intensives. Charlie believes that working with people, and understanding and appreciating different values and cultures of the land is essential to putting sustainability into action.

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Event & Project Management

Charlie brings innovation and imagination to all of his work. Charlie believes learning from experience is key, along with applying new ideas and designs. 

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Research & Presentations

Through reading inspirational and reflective texts, and through the experiences of teaching and researching Social Ecology, Social Sciences, Sense of Place, Ethics & Sustainability as well as Communications Charlie combines practical knowledge with the ability to ask important questions about design, creation, conservation of landscapes and places.

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